The efforts of the Bulgarian partners in the Coach@Work project for integrating the SE model in Bulgaria continue to give results. In the Promotion Employment act is provided mechanism for usage of the SE tools and respectively financing for those businesses which will provide SE consultants, who will work with clients with disabilities. At the moment, experts from the responsible institutions, including the Ministry of labour and social affairs, the Employment agency and the social partners, work together on the development of the criteria for choosing companies, which will offer specific services for people with disabilities, aiming at finding paid work using the SE module. For 2016 are provided resources in the amount of 300BGN for every person with disability, which are supposed to be used for support during searching, finding, and keeping a job. The SE consultants will work both with the disabled people and their employers in order to provide smooth working process and successful work environment adaptation. The funds will be granted to the suppliers of that consultancy and mediation service in case of a person with permanent disability is hired at an unsubscribed work placement.

At the moment, the Regulations are available on the MLSP website:

for public discussion, after which it will be implemented with Government decree.

At the moment the Employment agency is supposed to announce procedure under the Law for public procurement for choosing companies, which will provide such services in 2016. The budget for the current year is in the amount of 600 000BGN, which means that around 2000 unemployed people with disabilities will be able to take advantage of this type of specialized support. The contractors will provide to the unemployed disabled people a package of services, aiming at their motivation, psychological support, and encouragement to start work.


Continue to check regularly the project website, in order to have the newest information regarding the development of the SE services in Bulgaria.

The Project offers to micro-SMEs

  • Current situation in the field of family management and business practices.
  • A curriculum and training material that follows a case study approach through which, successors can learn via handy examples, concepts and business practices.
  • A portable self-assessment service through Android based mobile application which facilitates successful business transfer and exchange of best practices between micro-SMEs. 
  • Testing phase and results with 150 micro-SMEs in Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Spain and Turkey.